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Welcome to the MSU Clinical Neuroscience Lab! We are part of the Department of Psychology at Michigan State University.

The goal of our lab is to understand the cognitive and biological mechanisms of psychotic disorders, with a focus on schizophrenia. We are particularly interested in understanding how brain function is related to cognitive and social difficulties, psychotic symptoms (like hallucinations and delusions) and more generally to the subjective experience of individuals who have been diagnosed with psychotic disorders. A deeper understanding of symptoms and their mechanisms hold the promise to lead to more targeted and effective treatment options.
About Us

Recent News

  • Undergraduates Present at UURAF 2022!

    Congratulations to undergrads Pelli Mechnikov, Anjali Desai, and Zeeba Ali for presenting at this year’s University Undergraduate Research & Arts Forum! Check out their amazing work below!

  • Dom Roberts awarded Norm Abeles Award and Best MA Thesis Award

    Second year graduate student Dom Roberts is awarded the Norm Abeles Award for Outstanding Clinical service, an award given out annually to a student judged by the Clinic Director and Director of Clinical Training to have excelled in clinical work (including excellence in audits, evaluations, openness to new experiences) during the past year. Dom’s name […]

  • Beier Yao awarded Hurley Dissertation Award

    Fifth year graduate student Beier Yao is awarded with the Hurley Dissertation Award for the best dissertation proposal in the Clinical Science Area. Congratulations to Beier and thank you to the Hurley Award committee for their generous recognition of graduate research!