Dom Roberts awarded the Thompson Endowment & CSS Research Scholar Award

Graduate student Dom Roberts is awarded the Charles P. and Linda A. Thompson Endowment for Social Science Research & CSS Research Scholar Award from the College of Social Sciences. Congratulations to Dom for this amazing achievement! We thank the Thompson Endowment committee and College of Social Sciences for recognizing his work and providing this generous support!

New Findings of Stronger Tilt Aftereffects in Individuals Diagnosed with Schizophrenia Published in Journal of Abnormal Psychology

Comprehensive and computational accounts of schizophrenia suggest that a subset of symptoms are characterized by an abnormality in using context to shape perception and guide behavior. Here, we focused specifically on temporal context—the influence of past history and stored regularities across time on the interpretation and response to current input. The current study sought to […]

New Findings of Altered Thalamocortical Connectivity in Individuals Diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Healthy Siblings Accepted for Publication

Our manuscript entitled, ‘Altered thalamocortical structural connectivity in persons with schizophrenia and healthy siblings’ was accepted at the NeuroImage: Clinical. In this paper, we show that people diagnosed with schizophrenia have reduced thalamo-prefrontal connectivity and increased thalamo-motor connectivity. Healthy participants who have a sibling diagnosed with schizophrenia also have reduced thalamo-prefrontal connectivity, but no alteration in thalamo-motor connectivity. These findings have […]

Graduate students awarded grants from the MSU College of Social Science

Fourth year graduate student Beier Yao is awarded with The College of Social Science Research Scholars Award & Kenneth E. and The Marie J. Corey Research Endowment Award. First year graduate student Dom Roberts awarded with the College of Social Science Early Start Research Grant. Congratulations to Dom and Beier and thank you to The College […]

Students with Schizophrenia founder Cecilia McGough visits MSU

Founder and President of Students with Schizophrenia Cecilia McGough and fellow advocate and talented musician Rivky Grossman visited MSU. They met with researchers and clinicians in the MSU and broader mental health communities and took part in Embrace the Rain, a student-led event on campus, which centers around sharing experiences with mental health in an effort […]

MSU Clinical Neuroscience Lab present at the annual meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology in Buffalo, NY.

Graduate students Beier Yao and Dom Roberts and lab director Katy Thakkar attended the annual meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology in Buffalo, NY. Beier presented her new work asking whether corollary discharge abnormalities are specific to schizophrenia or are present in individuals with bipolar disorder with a history of psychosis. Katy presented […]